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Ghulab Saaton Ki Naveed by Maryam Aziz Download free

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Ghulab Saaton Ki Naveed by Maryam Aziz

Ghulab Saaton Ki Naveed

About Ghulab Saaton Ki Naveed by Maryam Aziz

Ghulab Saaton Ki Naveed is social novel written by Maryam Aziz. Its about what ever is happening around us daily. Its showing us true face of reality which is actually happening and no one is ready to accept it openly. This novel is one of best social novel by writer and it becomes very popular among readers.

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About Writer

Maryam Aziz is very famous writer who wrote a lot of famous and popular novels. Her readers belongs to mostly womens who live in Pakistan or anywhere in whole world. Those who understand Urdu its their simple choice to read novels of this writer. She is very popular among readers.
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